The Three Humiliating Ways That India Made A Fool Out Of Iran

India made a fool out of Iran by allying with its American & “Israeli” enemies, victimizing it with the blowback from its Hybrid War on CPEC, and crippling is budget by depriving it of its second-largest oil customer.

India, true to Modi and his National Security Advisor Doval’s commitment to the Machiavellian-like tricks of their civilization’s ancient strategist Chanakya, made a complete fool out of Iran over the past year in three main ways that saw the South Asian state take full advantage of its so-called “partner” in order to advance its own interests at the Islamic Republic’s expense:

* Allying With Iran’s American & “Israeli” Enemies:

Nothing could be more disrespectful to the Islamic Republic than India’s newfound alliance with its hated American & “Israeli” enemies, which has recently taken the form of an anti-Iranian military deployment to the Gulf and the massive purchase of arms from the self-professed “Jewish State”.

* Victimizing Iran With Blowback From The Hybrid War On CPEC:

India’s employment of feudalist Baloch terrorists as proxies for sabotaging CPEC — a vicious Hybrid War campaign that was previously managed by convicted RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav — finally blew back into Iran after it created the regional conditions that enabled last December’s suicide bombing in Chabahar.

* Depriving Iran Of Its Second-Largest Oil Customer:

New Delhi used to be Tehran’s second-largest oil customer until it submitted to Washington’s unilateral sanctions regime against the Islamic Republic and discontinued purchasing this resource, which threatens to cripple the country’s already-fraught budget and facilitate more Color Revolution unrest there.


In view of the above, there can be no doubt that India has decisively pivoted to the West and is now actively working to “contain” Iran after humiliating it through the three aforementioned ways, though New Delhi is nevertheless still expected to pretend that this is all part of its “multi-alignment” strategy in order to continue exploiting its lopsided “partnership” with the Islamic Republic.

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