The Day That Many “Non-Russian Pro-Russians” Turned On Russia Because Of Israel

Observing the frenzy of hateful attacks that were directed against Russia yesterday by some of those on social media who earlier claimed to be its “supporters”, it’s safe to say that many “Non-Russian Pro-Russians” never really cared for the country in and of itself but were misled by Alt-Media dogma into thinking that it was an “anti-Zionist crusader state” dedicated to “Israel’s” destruction, hence the fury with which they responded when none other than President Putin ruined their political dreams and triggered their verbally violent reactions.

A lot of what transpired yesterday in the Alt-Media Community was beyond shameful and will go down as one of the most infamous moments ever in that sphere, and that’s because many “Non-Russian Pro-Russians” (NRPR) who earlier claimed to “support”  the country rabidly reacted with the most neocon-like Russophobia against the former object of what could rightly be called their “obsession” after President Putin refused to blame “Israel” for Monday night’s tragic event and didn’t order the hoped-for kinetic response (ideally, as they wished, a nuclear one) against it in retaliation. The comments section under countless articles about the “crisis”-that-never-was were swamped by people who previously professed the utmost love for Russia but suddenly turned against it after its leader attributed the shooting down of its plane to a “chain of tragic circumstances” and noticeably didn’t blame “Israel” for what happened.

To the contrary, he spoke to its leader and the two sides will now conduct a joint investigation into the incident to determine the exact course of events that transpired on that fateful night. This is a far cry from what many of the NRPR expected when they first heard the news that the Russian Ministry of Defense said that “Israel” was fully responsible for the ‘friendly fire’ fiasco after it used the Russian plane as a shield for covering its latest bombing of Syria, prompting the Defense Minister declaring that his country reserves the right to respond accordingly. This was interpreted as a “dog whistle” to the wishful thinkers who finally thought that their long-hoped-for political fantasy of Russia destroying “Israel” (“preferably” with nukes) was about to be fulfilled, which is why they feverishly virtue signaled all across social media just how solidly they stood in support of their practically “deified” Great Power.

Alas, the apocalypse that they were praying for wasn’t meant to happen yesterday, as none other than President Putin burst their delusional bubble after his public statement that was comparatively milder than the military’s and not at all what the bloodthirsty and vengeful masses expected. This isn’t through any “fault” of the Russian leader’s own, but rather speaks to the crazy misperceptions that many of the NRPR had about the country and which in hindsight explains why they had hitherto claimed to “support” it up until yesterday’s statement. Instead of appreciating Russia for the Great Power that it is and the unique aspects related to it – which includes its civilization, masterful diplomacy, and overall “balancing” role in Afro-Eurasian affairs – they crudely saw it mostly as a vehicle for fulfilling their fantasy of “Israel’s” destruction after being misled by Alt-Media dogma into thinking that it was an “anti-Zionist crusader state”.

Post-Soviet Russia, and especially under President Putin, has never been anything even closely related to that, as anyone who’s read the Russian leaders numerous statements about “Israel” over the years would know. The author handily compiled a collection of President Putin’s most classic quotes on this topic in a piece published earlier this year and titled “President Putin On Israel: Quotes From The Kremlin Website”, which should be read by those who were deceived by Alt-Media demagogues over the years into thinking that Russia is somehow “against” “Israel”. The author himself mistakenly bought into this narrative at one time and to a certain extent but has since realized the absolute inaccuracy of this perspective, hence the commitment that’s being made to raise awareness about the facts pertaining to this issue in order to “liberate” other “brainwashed” minds as well.

It’s understandable why some people might have felt disappointed by President Putin’s “undramatic” reaction to the tragic event, and there’s no shame in responsibly expressing that, but many NRPR who only “supported” the country because their Alt-Media thought overlords convinced them that it’s one of, if not the, most powerful force “against” “Israel” reacted with such barbaric rage and outright Russophobic attacks against it and its leadership yesterday that they revealed that a lot of Moscow’s international “sympathizers” really don’t care too much for what it truly is. They can’t bring themselves to accept that Russia and “Israel” are indeed strategic partners, as Moscow’s passive facilitation of Tel Aviv’s 200+ bombings in Syria over the past 18 months alone attests, but the cognitive dissonance related to this was too powerful for them to control so they instead resorted to lashing out against Russia and everything that it stands for.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with constructively criticizing Russia (even President Putin does it), but the lynch mob mentality that many NRPR “proudly” engaged in after turning on their former “idol” was disgusting and makes one ask themselves how many of the country’s other “supporters” are really just faking it for the sake of “political convenience” because they’ve also been deceived into thinking that Russia and especially President Putin “secretly” supports the same “cause” as they do. These typically outspoken “supporters” of the country earlier gave off the vibe of being “super patriots” (or “more Russian than the Russians themselves”) despite only being NRPR, but it’s since been revealed that this was just a disingenuous virtue signaling fraud in order to disguise the fact that they’re “cheering” the country on solely because they think it and its leader are “fellow travelers” but for some inexplicable reason can’t openly admit it.

Anyone can support whatever causes that they want so long as they’re not racist, fascist, or supremacist, but reacting in a racist, fascist, and supremacist way to Russia’s lack of a kinetic response to “Israel’s” involvement in Monday night’s tragic incident proves that their prior statements of “support” for the country weren’t ever sincere but predicated on covering up for their true intentions in backing it only because they were misled into thinking that Russia is “secretly” dedicated to the destruction of “Israel”. Instead of savagely attacking the country and its leader for “disappointing” them with its pragmatic response to what happened, these same anti-Russian NRPR people should redirect their viciousness towards the Alt-Media demagogues who deceived them into thinking that this was ever the case to begin with. That probably won’t happen, though, so it’s very possible that this new cadre of Russophobes is irredeemable and will therefore continue functioning as the US’ “useful idiots”.

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