The CIA Could Have Killed Ivanovic To Pave The Way For Regime Change In Kosov

America’s been putting pressure on its Balkan puppet “state” over the past year, and the possible false-flag assassination of a high-profile Serbian politician in Kosovo could have been staged to implicate the Autonomous Province’s “leadership”, thus paving the way for regime change there and consequently making the EU more amenable to reaching a consensus agreement for admitting it in the future.  

Kosovo’s “President” Hashim Thaci and its “Prime Minister” Ramush Haradinaj are both war criminals whose involvement in organ trafficking and the killing of Serbian civilians has been well-documented by multiple sources, though such evidence has been largely suppressed from the average Westerner because NATO’s 1999 War on Yugoslavia was marketed as a “humanitarian intervention” against “genocide”, not the active aiding and abetting of the Albanians’ acts of genocide against Serbs and the creation of a regional humanitarian crisis.

The US never cared about the crimes that its proxies committed and actually welcomed them in an indirect way by deliberately turning a blind eye to the atrocities that scared Serbs into fleeing from the cradle of their civilization and thus ethnically cleansing it, though in recent years the rise of social and alternative media exposed millions of people to what really happened during that war and in the years afterwards, and the increasingly EuroRealist (“EuroSkeptic”) public is shocked.

As it stands, there is no way that all EU-member states, especially those in the Polish-led “Three Seas Initiative”, would agree to admit Kosovo to the bloc, let alone “recognize” it as an “independent state” like some of them have still refused to do despite tremendous American pressure to “persuade” them otherwise, and this reality means that Washington’s dreams of “integrating” its puppet “state” into the EU are frozen for the foreseeable future.

It doesn’t matter in this bureaucratic context whether Serbian President Vucic de-facto “recognizes” Kosovo through his new euphemism of a “binding document” because the international “Serbian lobby” not under his control would work overtime to ensure to the best of their patriotic abilities that at least one EU-member state could be swayed into remaining stalwart in their opposition to accepting Belgrade’s unprecedented sellout of its people’s most precious heritage.

The continued rule of Thaci and/or Haradinaj could make this a lot easier than it seems since Poland and Hungary already aren’t too keen to let a “Weapons of Mass Migration”-created Muslim-majority “country” join the bloc, especially one that’s run by narco-mafia war criminals that are infamous for their involvement in killing Christians and destroying their centuries-old churches, so they probably wouldn’t agree to Kosovo’s admission to the EU unless its “leaders” were first deposed of.

The US is aware of the major liability that these two Albanians are to its plans for Serbia’s Autonomous Province and that’s why it’s recently put pressure on their “government” in warning it not to dismantle the so-called “war crimes court” that it’s supposed to establish, as Washington understands that at least some superficial motions of “justice” must be undertaken in order to make the claim that the “country” is up to European “judicial” standards and therefore technically eligible for membership.

Even if the “court” charade moves forward, the “Serbian lobby” can still effectively make the point that a team of terrorists are in charge of this fake “state” and thereby “scare” some EU-member states such as Poland and Hungary away from agreeing to its accession to the bloc, ergo what might have been one of the motivations behind what appears to have been the CIA’s false flag assassination of Kosovo Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic at the beginning of the year.

Although Ivanovic was opposed to Vucic’s sellout of the Kosovo Serbs, he was pretty much powerless to stand in his way, which means that Albania had absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by arranging for his assassination and taking the chance that Serbia would suspend its “normalization” negotiations with its breakaway province in response, which it did for approximately 24 hours or so prior to reentering into talks while simultaneously distracting its population by selling out to Merkel’s migrant demands.

Even though the politician’s killing didn’t end up changing a single tangible thing when it came to the Serbian government’s drive to de-facto “recognize” Kosovo, it nevertheless reminded Europeans that opposition figures can still be gunned down in broad daylight in this lawless mafia “state”, which doesn’t play well at all to its “leadership’s” reputation nor their entity’s aspirations to one day join the bloc.

Even if Russia joins the “normalization” process at Serbia’s request in response to Kosovo asking the US to do the same in support of its own interests and ends up reaching a “gentlemen’s agreement” with its geopolitical rival over “settling” this issue on the “19th-Century Great Power Chessboard”, that wouldn’t necessarily afford Pristina the “normative legitimacy” that it needs to join the EU despite what could be assumed by that point to be Belgrade’s de-facto “recognition” of it through Vucic’s so-called “binding document”.

So long as Thaci and/or Haradinaj are still at the helm, however, the “Serbian lobby” can make sure that the public in at least one EU-member state becomes aware of their crimes and therefore puts pressure on their respective government – probably Poland or Hungary – to refuse to allow Kosovo to accede to the bloc, thus stopping the US’ plans dead in their tracks, but all of that could change if these war criminals are no longer in charge of the “country”.

Whether they resign out of their own will due to implication in a scandal like Ivanovic’s killing, are taken down by the “war crimes court”, or are overthrown by the “opposition”, the end result would be that the “fresh blood” which takes their place no longer carries the same Christian-killing stigma that either of them had, which could in turn make it much easier for any recalcitrant EU state influenced by the “Serbian lobby” to accept Kosovo’s prospective membership.

Having adopted the apathetic attitude of “what’s done is done” and that they “can’t be more Serbian than the Serbian state itself” after Vucic’s eventual “recognition” of Kosovo, these countries could attempt to depoliticize the issue that the “Serbian lobby” worked so hard to popularize among their populations by pointing out that the most well-known Albanian criminals are no longer in power and that there thus aren’t any visible controversies remaining about admitting the Balkan territory to the bloc.

The CIA may have therefore killed Ivanovic so as to lay the future “basis” for later pinning the blame for his assassination on Thaci and/or Haradinaj in order to take them down if these mobsters refuse the US’ orders to leave “office” for the “greater good” of Kosovo’s admission to the EU, as their removal might become a prerequisite for some of the bloc’s EuroRealist (“EuroSkeptic”) members to agree to this in the face of rising public pressure provoked by the “Serbian lobby”.

With the US, Russia, and even the Serbian government itself potentially “recognizing” Kosovo and pushing for its acceptance into the EU, Serbian patriots will once again find themselves alone and against the will of the entire world, which is a position that they’re unfortunately accustomed to by now but which would nevertheless severely pain them to experience particularly because it relates to the surrendering of their most sacred historical territory.

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