Initial Reaction To The Russian-Israeli “Crisis”

More news and official reactions are still streaming in at this moment, but that doesn’t prevent one from putting out some forecasts, monitoring the situation, and amending their understanding of the situation as needed so as to reflect the most accurate depiction of reality as possible, which can only happen if the individual isn’t interested in pushing any sort of agenda.

Syria accidentally shot down a Russian plane as it was defending itself from an “Israeli” airstrike, one which Moscow says that it wasn’t notified about until just a minute before it happened and is therefore blaming Tel Aviv for the unfortunate series of events that subsequently transpired. Furthermore, Russia says that “Israel” used its plane as cover to evade detection from Syria’s air defenses, which therefore undermines the spirt of relations between these two very close partners. As such, it’s understandable why Russia said that it’s holding “Israel” responsible for what happened and reserves the right to respond as it deems necessary.

This was interpreted by many wishful thinking commentators in the Alt-Media Community as implying a long-hoped-for “Russian nuclear strike against ‘Israel’”, but what happens next will probably be much less dramatic. For starters, President Putin and Netanyahu have established a very close personal friendship over the years, and the latter was even one of two guests of honor during this year’s Victory Day celebrations in Moscow. “Israel’s” self-interested but overall pragmatic deepening of comprehensive relations with Russia over the past few years isn’t without its detractors, including inside of the self-proclaimed “Jewish State” itself, and it’s possible that this “rebalancing” has exacerbated “deep state” tension between the visionary diplomats responsible for it and the entity’s historic pro-American faction.

It wouldn’t be amiss to suggest that just like the Gulenists were ultimately acknowledged by Russian and Turkish officials as having been responsible for the unfortunate event of November 2015, so too could a pro-American “deep state” faction in “Israel” have been responsible for what just happened last night in order to undermine the Russian-“Israeli” Strategic Partnership. With this example serving as a precedent, it could be the case that Russian-“Israeli” relations might conceivably strengthen as a result of what just happened instead of weaken  like some people popularly expect them to. After all, it would make more sense from the perspective of both parties to more closely coordinate their military activities after this tragic incident.

Unlike President Erdogan’s response after the November 2015 event, Netanyahu has yet to publicly defend what happened, nor did “Israel” directly (key word) shoot down the Russian jet like Turkey did at that time. This means that the possibility of a fast-moving resolution of this “crisis” can’t be discounted, especially when bearing in mind how the Russian and “Israeli” leaders are already very close with one another as it is. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if forthcoming news reports indicate that they’ve spoken with one another or even if Netanyahu flies out to Moscow by the end of this week to discuss this face-to-face with President Putin.

Looking beyond the direct implications that this “crisis” has for Russian-“Israeli” relations, one of the knock-on effects that it will probably have is that the “Resistance” wing of the Alt-Media Community will go into overdrive and hype up the prospects of an “imminent” nuclear exchange between those two. Apart from fulfilling a political fantasy, this would also more “functionally” distract from the “politically incorrect” optics of yesterday’s Russian-Turkish deal over Idlib that essentially placed the Syrian province within Turkey’s de-facto “sphere of influence” in the country and also sullied the reputation of the many voices who reported that they had “inside knowledge” of an impending liberation offensive there by the Syrian Arab Army.

Altogether, it needs to be acknowledged that events are still unfolding very rapidly and that many things could change at a moment’s notice. Even so, this shouldn’t prevent people from putting out forecasts, monitoring the situation, and then amending their understanding as needed in order to reflect the most accurate depiction of reality as possible. This, however, can only happen if one is sincerely interested in getting down to the bottom of things and not pushing a certain agenda, which unfortunately makes such exercises rare in the Alt-Media Community, especially when it comes to an analyst possibly reconsidering previously held points and publicly explaining why they changed if circumstances necessitate that.

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