Bolsonaro Made A Powerful Point With His Infamous Carnival Video Tweet

Think what one will about Bolsonaro, but he nevertheless made a powerful point with his infamous carnival video tweet because he succeeded in drawing attention to Brazilian society’s rapidly deteriorating social mores of “normalizing” the public display of fringe homosexual activities.   

Newly inaugurated Brazilian President Bolsonaro caused a global scandal after he tweeted a brief but extremely lewd video of two partygoers publicly engaging in homosexual activities atop a bus stop during this week’s Carnival celebrations. International media translated his Portuguese comments that accompanied it as saying that “I feel uncomfortable showing it, but we have to expose the truth for the population to know and always make its priorities. This is what many street parties in Brazil’s Carnival have become. Comment and draw your conclusions.” The Mainstream and Alternative Medias immediately jumped on this story but focused more on people’s derogatory attacks against him for sharing the video than on the contents of that footage itself, paying extra attention to the common theme of his detractors questioning his sanity for posting it or decrying him for implied “homophobia”.

They’re (likely deliberately) missing the point, however, since Bolsonaro shared the video not because he’s “crazy” or “hates homosexuals” but because he wanted to draw attention to Brazilian society’s rapidly deteriorating social mores of “normalizing” the public display of fringe homosexual activities such as aggressively fingering one’s anus and being urinated on by what is presumed to be a random stranger. Think what one will about Bolsonaro’s policies (both domestic and international) and his history of controversial socio-cultural comments, but he’s right to sound the alarm about segments of society having no problem with sexual acts taking place in the street, especially if they’re of a “non-traditional” (i.e. homosexual) nature and occurring on top of public property possibly in full view of children. That’s not debauchery, but degeneracy and even outright pornography.

Whatever one’s views are about the topic of sexuality in general or homosexuality in particular, it’s regarded as extreme in practically every society on earth for anyone to perform any sexual act in public, let alone homosexual ones and especially if they’re as deviant as someone fingering their anus before being urinated on by a stranger “performing” atop a bus stop in the middle of raucous crowd. Bolsonaro’s critics are dodging the issue and deflecting attention away from the content of his video in order to score partisan political points, but in doing so they’re “normalizing” the perverted acts that were on full display in the footage and contributing to society’s collapse. Aware that this dynamic is dangerously approaching a point of no return, Bolsonaro took to Twitter in a last-ditch attempt to reverse this trend before it’s too late.

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